My apartment

Now that we not only have the option of vacationing in hotels, now that we have the facility in Puerto Vallarta apartment for rent! In addition, with no time limit for the stay you need, with or without furniture, I share this wonderful idea.

During this year, I decided to move to Puerto Vallarta for a short period to try other experiences and with the peace of mind of having a beach near my house, so I rented an apartment.

Oh! What a wonderful surprise I got when I started looking for my apartment, I visited several places, I found some extremely luxurious and others very simple, but finally the ideal one for my goal, to relax while working at home.

At EMZA HOUSE REALTY, they gave me the best options when I explained my needs, tastes, interests and above all my budget, they were very kind to provide me with my apartment for rent in Puerto Vallarta.

I chose a not very tall building, the space of my apartment is small, but with the perfect distribution for me, what I love to enjoy the most is the terrace, where every morning I drink a cup of coffee to start the day.

It is a great place, and my neighbors are friendly, so there is a harmonious atmosphere. I have felt so good that I have even thought of moving permanently to this small city, which of course has all the urban and technological services to work from here.

My apartment has a wonderful pool, which I love to enjoy in the afternoons, sometimes with friends; we organize small meetings and have a lot of fun.

And it is that there is so much to visit in Puerto Vallarta, that I never get bored, sometimes we go to a nearby beach, personally I love Punta de Mita, although the waves are high you can enjoy nature.

But every time we think of different places to visit, so I can recommend some beautiful ones like “Playa las gemelas”, it is a hidden and remote little beach located, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta by car, a few tourism because it is a bit hidden and mostly visited by locals, who know where to find the best of the bay. I was very surprised by its crystal clear turquoise waters, the warmth of the sand in a super natural environment, I highly recommend it on your next visit.

Another very famous beach is the “Playa de Los Muertos”, which is precisely located in the romantic zone, right in the center of Puerto Vallarta, there are apartments for rent there, and so close to the beach. The costs and styles are very varied, some more rustic also due to the years of construction, but others already renovated and super modern, of course without losing the beach touch that is so particular, fresh and luxurious.

One of the most interesting things about living near the center is that there is always a festival or tourist attractions, the boardwalk full of happy people, music and the most delicious Mexican food international food.

Therefore, now you know, if your stay is temporary or permanent, a good option is in Puerto Vallarta apartment for rent.



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