Gatronomy Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, there is a Gastronomy festival that you cannot miss it, the succulent experience is lived in the month of November, the appointment this year is from November 9 to 19, 2023, so you cannot miss it!

Puerto Vallarta also has several of the best Chefs in the world, being a tourist city, and being already a cultural heritage of Mexico, it could not fail to present a festival as enriching as the Gastronomy, among all the festivals in Puerto Vallarta I’m going to tell you how special this one is.

The Gastronomy Festival in Puerto Vallarta is about Gourmet food, in which the best Chefs from large restaurants, hotels, designer chefs, etc. participate.

Gastronomy is and has always been one of the most sought after pleasures by human beings, so to complement a dream vacation you cannot leave aside the gastronomy of the place you visit.

This year 2023 in the #28 edition of the gastronomy festival in Puerto Vallarta, will have the participation of more than 65 Chefs, and 32 restaurants will delight us with the gourmet gastronomy of Mexico.

What we can highlight about this Gastronomic festival is that it has been a success, and the number of editions says it all, it is an event sponsored by renowned brands in the culinary field, food, tourism and even advertisers, since the expectation of the exhibition The event is organized through different digital platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, TikTok, Newsletters, Print media and a Press Conference, which will be inviting the general public, fans and experts in the gastronomy industry.

The invitation, of course, both national and international, the countries that have participated the most in this Mexican festival are the United States and Canada.

It is worth mentioning that, at the Gourmet Gastronomy Festival in Puerto Vallarta, prizes are awarded to the best dishes presented during the event, and to give us an idea of ​​the greatness of participation in it, I share with you the prizes published for this year and they are related to digital marketing:

Official sponsor

  • Banner on the main page with a link to your website.
  • Logo in Footer of the Festival Gourmet website.
  • Featured brand in the sponsors section with a link to your website.

Platinum Sponsors

  • Banner with logo on the second slider in the Platinum section of the official website with a link to the web.
  • Brand in the Platinum sponsors section with a link to the web.

Gold and Silver Sponsors

  • Banner with logo on the second slider in the Gold or Silver section of the official website with a link to the url.
  • Mark in the section of Gold or Silver sponsors with a link to the web.

What better gift can the experts participating in the festival receive than seeking the positioning of their brand, since the reach that they will obtain, in addition to participating in the festival as experience and curriculum is of great benefit for restaurants alongside celebrities of the guild.

If you are interested in knowing more about this international event, I share the official page so that you are encouraged to visit it.

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