festivals in Puerto Vallarta

Festivals in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, we celebrate all the time, and that is why we have beautiful festivals for all ages, families, children, couples, singles, the most important thing about festivals in Puerto Vallarta is fun.

Starting the year, we have the New Year’s Day celebration, the Blessing of the Boats, the Fishing Season, as well as the Whale Watching Season, still in winter.

Late in the year a wonderful and fun Carnival, full of colors, fun and rumba, we can mention the Cultural Festival of May, and not to mention the wonder party as the Vallarta Gay Pride Parade.

In the summer, we can admire the wonders of nature with the turtle season, and you cannot miss Puerto Vallarta’s Anniversary day or the annual Surf Classic in Sayulita, where thousands of athletes come to enjoy this spectacular competition.

As autumn enters Puerto Vallarta, as in the rest of the country, we also give it the importance it deserves on Mexico’s Independence Day, as well as the Day of the Dead. And a very particular week full of magic everywhere during Christmas week.

In each and every one of these festivities you can find the magic of nature. In the whale watching season it is a unique experience where you can admire the greatness of the sea, as well as the animals in their habitat.

Whales visit Puerto Vallarta in winter, so you can spend a winter without cold and with the wonderful experience of seeing a real whale.

According to experts in marine biology, as the temperature in the Arctic Ocean drops, the whales make a 15,000-kilometer round trip to the coast of Mexico, in search of warmer waters, and food such as krill and small fish.

To complete their journey, the different types of whales have to swim both day and night, averaging 120 kilometers per day. During this time, many whales also mate and give birth, and in the safe and protected waters for them in Puerto Vallarta, the state has taken care to care for and preserve the species of these impressive mammals.

That is why for the people of Vallarta the arrival of the whales is a Festival in Puerto Vallarta, and that they share with tourists from all over the world.

Another festival that I love and recommend is “Puerto Vallarta restaurant week”, at the end of May and beginning of June you can enjoy this festival in the port, Launched in 2004 by Vallarta lifestyles, this event really has helped position our area as one of the main gastronomic destinations in Mexico. In the event, exclusive flavors of each restaurant are exhibited, there are multiple options to choose from for each dish. It is a festival in Puerto Vallarta of conviviality and pleasure, tourists and locals alike come hoping for a great opportunity to try new cuisines or simply enjoy first class meals at very conscious prices.

Therefore, in winter or spring, or at any time of the year, I invite you to live wonderful experiences in this beautiful place in Mexico, plan your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta, don’t forget to investigate the seasonal festival so that your vacation is even more wonderful.



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