If you are thinking of a good investment and fun, then I recommend investing in Condos in Puerto Vallarta.

Let’s start by defining what a condominium is, since it is not the same as a house or any property, a condominium is a property represented as a set of several luxury houses, prudently separated from one another under the concept of residential complex.

This can be co-owned or not depending on the place, and if it is in a community then agreements and rules are established in the way in which the co-owners will make decisions. Actually, committees or assemblies are established where an administrator or president is appointed, whether they move from time to time depending on the organization.

The administrator’s premise will always be the benefit of the condominiums and the unity and solidarity of the owners.

In summary, they have called a condominium when they share a common land and there are several ways to share a land, then I share a list of the ways they call a condominium.

1. Vertical condominium: It has established in that property built on several levels on common land, with private property units and co-ownership rights.

2. Horizontal condominium: It is constituted in properties with horizontal construction where the condominium owner has the right of exclusive use of part of a piece of land and is the owner of the building established in it, being the holder of a co-ownership right for the use and enjoyment of the land areas, buildings and facilities for common use.

3. Mixed condominium: It is the one formed by vertical and horizontal condominiums.

Condos in Puerto Vallarta are super trendy and you can find from something very basic to a super Luxury with a sensational view that will leave you in love with the bay.

If you still have doubts about investing in a condos in Puerto Vallarta, let me tell you that the Directorate of Tourism and Development is a dependency of the Puerto Vallarta City Hall, that has been in charge of generating various actions to contribute and encourage the economic development of Puerto Vallarta. The current municipal government has generated strategies to facilitate the opening of businesses and follow them up together with other dependencies of the same municipality and thus stimulate investment by entrepreneurs. 

The generation of jobs, the security of tourism, are part of the primary objectives of this administration that benefits all residents of the place, as well as those in love with the Port.

“The objective of the Directorate of Tourism and Economic Development is to promote economic development, enhance the competitiveness of the tourism sector through the development of innovative areas and diversify the economy through the promotion of agricultural, commercial and technological activities.”

At EMZA House Realty we want to help you make the investment of your life in a beautiful Condo in Puerto Vallarta, we are sure that you will love the experience of getting to know the business world in one of the most visited Mexican paradises in the world. 



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